About Pool Logger

Pool Logger is the most full featured pool maintenance app around and is a great way to log your pool chemicals. Not only does it keep track of your pool but it is a 'Smart-log' pool calculator. In orther words, it shows you what to add to your pool when something is out of balance. I does all the pool math automatically. See our How-To page for information on how to use the app.

While Pool Logger will calculate chemical additions for dozens of sanitization sources like trichlor pucks, we recommend using liquid chlorine (bleach) or a salt water chlorine generator to ensure an easy to maintain and sparkling clear pool. We also recommend only using either the Taylor K-2006 Test Kit or the TF-100 Test kit for accurate results. The Taylor Magnetic Speedstir is also really helpful in getting fast accurate results. Test strips may work but are usually not accurate enough for the level of detailed logging that Pool Logger requires.

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