How to cool your pool in the Summer

Making a DIY aerator to cool your pool!!

Posted by Pool Logger August 1, 2017

Us folks down here in the south have a problem most people in the rest of the country don't have to worry about. HOT (and I mean HOT) pools. My pool is getting up to 92 this time of year because we have had consistent days of above 100 degree weather. Our neighborhood lap pool was running pump based aerators and it was keeping the pool at 82 for the swimmers, so why not try the same thing?

I made a little pool aerator based off of some ideas I found on a pool forum. It runs off my polaris booster pump and it cooled the pool 4 degrees in about 12 hours.

Here is a picture of it:

Image description

Simple enough. About $15 in parts at Home Depot. You need will need:

  • A Few Feet of 1.5" Schedule 40 PVC
  • 2 X 1.5" PVC End Caps
  • A 1.5" PVC 3 Way T
  • A 1.5" 90 Degree PVC Bend

Next, you need a couple parts for the connection to the polaris outlet.

You will need to drill 1/16" holes along the horizontal peices. I used graph paper to make the holes evenly spaced. Here is the end result:

Image description

Leave that running all day when the temperature is the highest and you will get a strong evaporative cooling effect.

Quick Note: Aeration will raise your pH over time. Make sure to test your pH after running an aerator for a while and add acid when needed.

Anyways, it is working well for me. I hope you find this useful as well.