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Why I made Pool Logger

Posted by Pool Logger September 12, 2017

I have a confession to make. I have only had a pool for a year. However, Pool Logger has been in development since nearly the same time I got my new house and pool. Why did I make a pool maintenance app right when I got a pool? Because I got tired of trying to rememeber what I had last done to my pool as I was learning how to take care of it. I was taking notes on my iPhone's Notes App, which was cumbersome, so I decided to make a way to log my test results. Once I made the simple pool log, I put a registration front end on it and shared it to several pool care communities.

However, logging wasn't enough for me. I was going to multiple locations all over the internet to calculate chemical additions, etc. So I wanted Pool Logger to do it all. Now I can confidently say it is the most full featured DIY Pool Mainenance App out there. Here are my top 5 favorite features:

1: Logging!!!

Pool Logger Logs everything from test results to chemical additions, even maintenance items like filter pressure and salt cell percentage.


2: Chemical Additions

Pool Logger tells you exactly what to add when your pool is out of range. It can calculate all the chemicals you add to your pool. It does all the math for you.

Chemical calculator

3: Charts

I love how I can visually see the things like what the pool temperature last year at this time and what I had my SWG set at so I don't really have to guess and check as much.

Temp chart

SWG chart

4: Reminders

I get SMS notifications when I should test my pool so I never let it get out of hand. It makes pool ownership a more 'set it and forget it' type of thing. I can also record when I last cleaned and backwashed my filter and cleaned my salt cell so I don't have to try to rememeber these things.


5: Saving Money

I have saved thousands of dollars using simple ways to take care of my pool myself vs. using a pool care company or relying on innacurate pool store testing. That alone makes trying out Pool Logger worth it.

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